"The Number Of Potential Ten Baggers Are Greater Than Most Times In History" - Larry Cyna, Interview with Small Cap Power
This blog was started in May 2010. 100% of the blogs have been written by myself, Lawrence Cyna. I felt that investors were not knowledgeable about how people in the financial markets were compensated, what motivated investors’ advisors and why one stock might be recommended by some over another stock. Mixed in with these comments …
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CymorFund blogs and newsletters are essential to keep on top of the market outlook. Cymorfund keeps subscribers informed about the equity markets, the commodity markets, gold stocks and precious metals, demographics, market trends, economies and economic activity from key parts of the world. We interpret and provide information that is essential for investors.
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CymorFund Investment Strategies are based upon tried and true methods of investing. Investment strategy involves a strategic mix of Upside Potential and Downside Risk. Cymorfund Risk Reward means that any stock pick has met the profile of: 1) a substantial upward profit potential; 2) a current undervalued profile, and 3) a limited downside risk under anticipated circumstances.
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We Love To Make Money in the Stock Market. We especially like seeing an ignored small cap that has real value and recommending that company. Our best days are seeing our picks explode upwards in value by the market recognizing what the value is. We are very careful. We avoid all stocks that are promotional, or are in very risky situations, or can’t possibly raise enough money to make their dreams come true.
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Ten-Bagger Stock Picks

A portfolio can show REAL GROWTH with a CymorFund 10-Bagger.

We recommend stocks that we think will be profitable, and our portfolio does well. But many of our picks are SMALL CAP STOCKS. These are picked because we have personally heard their presentation, or met their management, or have done our own review of them.

Each small cap stock included in our recommended list has the potential and PROBABILITY to be a 10 Bagger.

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