CymorFund is Funding Start Up’s & Ideas

We May Fund Your Business Start Up

CymorFund has a special program to help entrepreneurs start their own business.

If you are someone who wants to start your own business, but doesn’t have the funding necessary, or doesn’t know how to start a business, CymorFund may be interested in helping you.

Who May Qualify

  • Business must be located and domiciled in the United States or Canada
  • Dedicated and determined self starters who know the business that they want to create
  • Who understand or have experience in the business they wish to create
  • Who have a novel idea, or approach to a market for their idea, their goods or services
  • Who have the energy and intensity to be successful
  • Who want to be their own boss, and have the intestinal fortitude to succeed
  • Who will devote their undivided attention and dedication

Some Criteria That We Look For

  • Good growth potential
  • Ability to work with, and listen to others
  • Devotion to making the business succeed
  • Committing their own resources first to have their own “skin in the game”

What We Can Offer

  • All necessary knowledge and experience to set up a business
  • Advice and help in setting up a Corporation, registering a business, getting a Domain name or a website, help in structuring the legal aspects of the business, help in creating a set of records and bookkeeping, and all the many things necessary to start a business
  • Some limited initial capital, although more capital may be available subsequently
  • Access to further capital depending on needs and achievement
  • Continuing management assistance and involvement

What Is The Deal

If we agree to work with you,

  • You will own 100% of the business
  • You will have the final authority to make decisions, after allowing for our input
  • If the business is not successful, there will be no personal guaranty to pay back that funding. If you lose your investment, then we lose ours
  • If the business continues under any circumstances, we always have priority to get repaid all monies we invest or loan
  • You may not go into any competing business
  • We will ask for a permanent share of gross revenue – continuing, regardless of profit or loss.
  • We will take security over the business to protect our interest

If You Want Us to Consider Your Idea

  • Send an email to
  • As we receive many inquiries, be as concise as possible, and be as compelling as possible
  • Sorry, but not all inquiries are responded to
  • No Agents