CymorFund 10-Bagger Picks

CymorFund 10-Bagger Picks


If you buy Google or Microsoft or General Motors stock, it may go up or down – a bit. But the real profit (or loss) is YOURS if you buy a stock that goes up 10 x. That is known as a CymorFund 10-Bagger.

CymorFund has had repeated success in finding 10 Baggers – over and over again.

How to Beat The Market

A portfolio can show REAL GROWTH with a 10-Bagger that will leap the value of your portfolio upward.

 It can change a portfolio from a 15% gain, to a 50% gain.

We blog stocks that we think will be profitable. But many of our picks are SMALL CAP STOCKS. These are picked because we have personally heard their presentation, or met their management, or have done our own review of them.

Each SMALL CAP STOCK included in our blog list has the potential to be a CymorFund 10-Bagger.

Every STOCK included in our blog list, is in our list because it strong UPWARD Potential, and limited downward risk.

We do not blog stocks that we expect to rise 5% or 10%. Sometimes, it could be that the gain is small. However the goal is the Large Gain. The goal is the Portfolio Transformational Gain.

At any given time, roughly 1/2 of blog stocks have actual 10-Bagger potential. Sometimes more stocks and sometimes fewer stocks. It all depends on market conditions, trends and our decision process.

Some examples follow.

    • CymorFund – Update On 4 Stocks We Own – 19.7% in 21 days 2014
    • CymorFund – 100% Gain in 5 months – Take profits on QHR
    • CymorFund – Sell BioAmber Inc – 42% gain in 45 days
    • CymorFund – SELL THE DOW ($INDU)
    • CymorFund – BioAmber Inc (BIOA – NYSE)
    • CymorFund – QHR Technologies Inc
    • CymorFund – Sell Facebook for 32% Gain
    • CymorFund – Sell Medicago @ $1.16 114% GAIN
    • CymorFund – Buy Facebook (FB)



Forsys – We bought FSY at $0.20, then at $0.60 and sold at $7.00.  a GAIN of 1,200 %, a 12-Bagger & a 35-Bagger

Trade Winds – We bought TWD at $0.05, sold some at $0.45, then sold more after Detour Gold take over . a 12-Bagger


The CymorFund Blog Stock List

We usually have 10 to 15 stocks at a time in the list. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Market conditions, market optimism and market doubt affect investors views of the market, and accordingly affect the number of our recommendations at any given time.


The CymorFund Value

Although most subscribers are anxious to see our CymorFund 10-Bagger Stock Picks, the archive of CymorFund blogs on all subjects is available to all readers, and the continuing publication of articles of interest and education, give great insight as to:

  • How to Invest
  • How an Investment Advisor is compensated
  • The motivation of Advisors in recommending a stock
  • What to invest in
  • Market trends
  • What’s Hot or Not
  • World economic events
  • Cycles and cyclic trends in the economy and in the market
  • Economic conditions around the world
  • and much more



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