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The CymorFund focuses on a mix of large and small stocks of publicly listed companies from all sectors and occasionally Indexes and ETFs. Our Stock Picks are based upon our own analysis, our own criteria, technical charting and momentum.

We believe that many of our picks have the potential to be 10 BAGGERS, because we choose stocks with excellent underlying fundamentals and true value. Picking 10 Baggers is our specialty.

We pick stocks based our own views, our own criteria, & sometimes on meeting the company, or hearing its presentation first hand. We understand the companies and we don’t rely on other analysts or recommendations. Our picks are our own, based upon our proprietary criteria.

When you subscribe, you get our picks, the reasons for our picks, an understanding of the company and the rationale for the pick. When it is time to sell, we say so, whether we are ahead or not. Our suggestions have proven very valuable and profitable to our Readers.

Our goal is to make our portfolio grow.

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