Investment Strategies

Risk vs Reward - A Balancing Act

CymorFund Investment Strategies are based upon tried and true methods of investing. Investment strategy involves a strategic mix of Upside Potential and Downside Risk  (Risk/Reward Ratio).

Cymorfund Risk Reward means that any stock pick has met the profile of:

1) a substantial upward profit potential

2) a current undervalued or unrecognized profile

3) a limited downside risk under anticipated circumstances.

How to Invest Money

A corollary of “How to Invest in Stocks” is “How to Invest Money”. If you know the motivations of those that advise you, and if you understand how your advisors are rewarded, and if you understand how Stock Market Brokerages make money, then you are better equipped to understand how and when to invest your money. CymorFund openly reveals and examines how all the players in the industry are rewarded, so that when you are making an investment decision, you are doing it better informed.

Good Stocks to Invest in

Most investors listen to tips, or what their friends are investing in, or the most recent telephone call from their investment advisor.  Investing in a stock is taking a gamble. Hopefully the odds are more in you favor than making a bet at the casino, but without knowing why something has been recommended, the risk part of the equation rises dramatically It could be a stock is being recommended because someone wants to sell that position and needs a buyer for the stock. Or it could be a tip that is repeated as a serious recommendation without much further scrutiny, or it could be that someone is required to fill their weekly quota, although we hope that never happens.

When CymorFund profiles a stock, you see a review of what the company is all about, you see the potential pitfalls that are obvious, and you see the potential as well as a detailed explanation of why that stock is mentioned.

Types of Investments

For different investors, the risk appetite is different. Some like the CymorFund 10-Bagger potential and follow the theory that the Biggest Bang For The Buck comes from buying undervalued junior commodity or tech stocks. The theory is that if you have a winner, that winner can often be a 10 Bagger. So a stock that was bought for $0.50 might be sold for $5.00. That really makes the investor feel good. CymorFund always includes potential its CymorFund 10-Bagger stocks in its stock picks, except those stocks picked are also solid companies with strong upsides.

For others, safety is a greater concern and CymorFund always includes Large Cap stocks and Indexes in its picks. Most investors like a mix of the larger with a sprinkling of the smaller.  The CymorFund portfolio is a balanced mix of both.

Personal Finance

Personal finance means having sufficient assets to put money into investments. In order to be comfortable, investments have to be profitable so that some of the profits can be taken and used for non-stock market activities. Managing your personal finances also means being aware of the economic world around you. CymorFund’s Investment Newsletter keeps you abreast of important trends and events.

Investing in Gold, Silver & Precious Metals

The precious metals sector is well known to CymorFund , and regular articles are presented to subscribers informing readers of how the gold market, the silver market, & the precious metals markets are performing, and reasons why these sectors can be expected to perform. Newsletters include tips on when the value is outstanding and when the hype is to be avoided.

CymorFund is not a believer that gold is a store of value, but investment tips are based upon supply and demand and perceived forces on the gold market. Stock tips include an examination of the company and relevant aspects of its operations and situation, but also take into account expectations as to the future price of the commodity.

How to Invest in Stocks

Being informed as to how to make good decisions about your investment portfolio is essential to successful stock investing. It is often repeated that it is easy to make money when the stock market is rising. After all, a rising tide carries all boats. The trick is to keep your money when the market is falling. It is essential to understand that when the market rises, it does so in a somewhat sustained manner. When the market falls, it tends to fall with great rapidity, and it falls farther and faster than ever expected. This pattern repeats itself over and over.

Our Investment Newsletter gives the average investor insight into how the market works, and the motivations of those that have great influence on the market. It is better to be able to recognize why something is happening than to to watch and wonder.

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