How CymorFund Picks Great Winners

Stock PicksWe Love To Make Money in the Stock Market. 

 We especially like seeing an ignored small cap that has real value and blogging that company. Our best days are seeing our blog picks explode upwards in value by the market recognizing what the value is.

We are very careful.  Unless we see or hear management make a presentation, or see a detailed presentation where we are able to to interview and ask questions, or come across some special circumstance, we will not blog a stock.

What Stocks Does CymorFund Pick?

We pick stocks from every sector. If we think a stock has remarkable upside, we will not disregard it if it is a LARGE CAP, or a MICROCAP, or anything in between, or in a particular sector, or not in another particular sector.

If you look at our blog picks, they range from

  • Buying the Dow Jones Industrial Index, to buying a penny stock;
  • Buying General Electric to buying a junior mining exploration company;
  • Buying Apple Computer to buying a financier of Sub Prime Auto Sales.

If we think there is a quick 20% profit available, or a 200% profit available, we will write the blog. Our philosophy is You Can’t Lose Money by Making a Profit. If a stock is a good pick, and the upside is far greater than the downside, we will blog the pick.

Stocks we blog are unique in their field, have great value, have true dramatic potential, are the cream of the crop, and are priced at a level that is very attractive.

We Have the Background, Experience and Industry Contacts to Understand What We Are Looking At

We have extensive experience in the markets for many decades, have sophisticated accounting backgrounds and understand financials and cash flows, and have extensive public company experience. We know what we are looking at. Our picks are out of knowledge, not from ‘hot’ tips. Those companies that are today’s promotion will not find their way into our blogs.

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