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Lawrence J. Cyna

Market Commentary

This blog was started May 2010.

It originally was commentary on how the market worked, how Investment Advisors received compensation, how Brokerages functioned, who earned what from whom, and general investment knowledge. The comments were intended to illuminate why certain stocks might be recommended, and why certain issues might be given prominence. Mixed in with those comments were observations and opinions as to economic circumstances and trends.


Specific Stocks & Securities

More recently, the blog has discussed specific Stocks & securities that CymorFund may or may not be purchasing or selling, and has discussed the rationale behind those decisions. Readers may find information contained to be a helpful insight into particular stocks or investments.

The comments in the blog are our observations only, and any reference or similarity to persons, organizations, or entities is unintentional and not intended to harm or affect anyone in any way. Comments are intend to address the overall market, or address our reasoning in reviewing a particular security.


CymorFund & Cymor Strategic Growth Funds Inc

I am the CEO of Cymor Strategic Growth Funds Inc (CSGF) which is a private entity and does not accept funds from prospective investors. This blog is written in that capacity on behalf of CSGF.

CymorFund is a registered domain of CSGF. CSGF operates the CymorFund blog site. Neither CSGF nor CymorFund is licensed to accept investment funds and does not accept funds for investment from any party. Readers should consider comments  in the blog as an additional source of information, but should not to rely on this blog for investment advice. Hopefully this blog will encourage readers to investigation independently all investment decisions.

Neither CSGF, CymorFund nor myself are licensed to advise or recommend any investments. in any jurisdiction. This blog is not intended to solicit or encourage investment or contribution to ourselves, or in any stock or security whatsoever.


Lawrence J. Cyna CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois)

Mr. Cyna is an accomplished investor in the Canadian public markets for over 25 years. He is a financing specialist for private and public companies, and has expertise in real estate and debt obligations. He has assisted private companies accessing the public markets, has been a director and a founding director of  numerous public companies and is a strategic consultant to selected clientele.

Mr. Cyna is well known in the Canadian Investing community. He frequently attends presentations given by public companies to the industry and to prospective investors. These presentations are intended by the various hosting companies to present their inside story for the purpose of attracting funding, or of making parties more interested in acquiring shares of those companies. Being in constant communication in this manner keeps Mr. Cyna deeply involved in the current market and leads to opinions about numerous investment opportunities.

Mr. Cyna has been a director of several TSXV listed issuers, a senior officer and on the Advisory Board of a number of TSX and TSXV public companies in the mining, resource, technology and telecommunications sectors, and the Founding Director of CPC’s with qualifying transactions in mining and minerals. He was an honorary director of the Rotman School of Management MBA IMC program, has completed the Canadian Securities Institute Canadian Securities Course & Institute Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, was a former Manager under contract to an Investment Manager at BMO Nesbitt Burns, a roster mediator under the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, Toronto, a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors of Ontario, a member of the Upper Canada Dispute Resolution Group, and the Ontario Bar Association, Alternate Dispute Resolution section.

He obtained his designation as a Chartered Accountant in Ontario in 1971 and was the recipient of the Founder’s Prize for academic achievement together with a cash reward. He became a CPA in the State of Illinois, USA in 1999. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

He holds certificates in Advanced ADR & in Civil Justice in Ontario, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, certificate in Dispute Resolution from the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants. Previous accomplishments are Manager of Cymor Risk Consultants LP specializing in Risk Management Assessment; CEO of Cyna & Associates specializing in mediation and ADR; Founder & Senior Partner of Cyna & Co, Chartered Accountants, a fully licensed and accredited public accountancy firm with international affiliations; and was a partner in a large public accountancy firm.

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